If you have ever had sore muscles, back pain, or aching feet cured by a Moon Valley product; chances are, arnica played a big role in your relief. Since the 16th century, when an indigenous North American tribe used it to prepare tea for easing back pain, arnica has been an integral part of folk and homeopathic remedies for various ailments. The happy, bright yellow, daisy-like flower also referred to as Wolf’s Bane and mountain tobacco is a perennial native to central Europe, Siberian Mountains, and the majestic mountains of British Columbia. There are multiple types of arnica grown worldwide, but the most common used medicinally is Arnica montana.

     Arnica is such a versatile herb that the ailments it heals are almost endless. It has been touted for its amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Common uses for arnica include: treating bone fractures, traumatic injury, bruises, rashes, sore muscles, sprains, and shock associated with burns and injury. In Russian medicine, it has also been used to treat uterine hemorrhage, myocarditis, angina pectoris, and cardiac insufficiency. Famous writer Goethe once credited the herb for saving his life when it brought down his fever.



     While Arnica montana is an amazing remedy for all types of aches, pains and ailments; it is also gaining popularity in the beauty and personal care world. Arnica infused products are being used by chiropractors, massage therapists, and pedicurists around the world to help bring relief to patients and clients. It is also frequently used by professional athletes as a pre-activity supplement to thwart muscle and joint soreness. The anti-inflammatory properties are an effective way to reduce under-eye puffiness, and in turn is being added to some modern eye creams. There are also new reports of arnica being used in hair tonics and dandruff preparations.

     A variety of methods are available to utilize arnica; by making a tea, ointment, or tincture; though ingesting arnica orally should only be done with supervision from an herbalist or physician. Here at Moon Valley, we capture the essence of arnica by steeping it in in safflower seed oil for 24-48 hours. We the strain the bulk of the oil out and then run the leftover arnica through an herb press to extract every last bit possible.
     Often the effectiveness of an ingredient depends on what it is paired with and the synergy those elements create. Moon Valley adores arnica for its remarkable healing powers, and we are proud to include it in three of our most loved products. In our Muscle Rub, arnica is combined with the warming, pain-relieving qualities of clove bud oil and ginger root, the circulatory powers of safflower flowers and orange essential oil, the calming quality of lobelia leaf, and the heating, pain-reducing properties of cayenne and habanero. This unique blend allows for penetration to bring relief deep into the muscles. The uplifting Rejuvenating Rub and invigorating Peppermint Foot Rub pair arnica with the anti-inflammatory, healing, and soothing abilities of calendula, the soothing and regenerating properties of comfrey, the pain relieving and circulation stimulating powers of lavender essential oil and the ability of mint essential oil to assist with the absorption of herbs into the body. Rejuvenating Rub eases aches and pains from injury, exertion, and arthritis. Here on the herb farm, we also use it for less conventional ailments than a sore back: when applied to the shoulders, neck, and temples it works as a wonderful headache remedy, and also an instant relief for sunburns.

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Al Schmidt said:

My wife bought several1.9 oz. tins of “Muscle Rub with Cayenne” when we were in Seattle a few years back and when would like to purchase more.

She prefers the tin to a tube. Do you still have that packaging?

Al Schmidt

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