Our History

Many moons ago, a small town couple had a big dream, and that dream was Moon Valley Organics. Kim and Aaron Otto were your average hardworking couple who aspired for something more, not only for their families, but for consumers. They visualized an organic skin care company that would not only bring relief to those with skin ailments, but that would farm, and produce these products using the utmost sustainable practices.


At the time, Aaron was working the usual 9-5 in the construction industry while Kim at home was raising their daughters, Lyric and Ferrin. The dream for themselves, and Moon Valley Organics was born.



Before the days of our current product line, Moon Valley was an organic vegetable farm near North Bend, Washington that sold vegetables at local farmer’s markets. Their connections through the farmer’s markets gave them the “in” they needed to expand their business to include body care products.



Once their demand for product grew, and their business plan was in place, the Otto family moved north to the town of Arlington and put roots down at Pragtree Farm, a community of the Evergreen Land Trust. Through the Land Trust program, they were able to live on the land and live in a largely self-sustainable community. After living on the farm for 8 years, the Otto’s attempted the city living lifestyle and soon realized it was not for them.


On a family vacation, to tour the various waterslide parks in the Northwest, they came upon the Mt Baker community of Deming and were immediately awestruck by the endless family farms and pristine wilderness in the area. After finding the perfect plot of land, they were devastated to learn the once dairy farm had already been sold. Not giving up hope, the family relocated to the Bellingham area and to their surprise, just a few months later, they were informed that their dream piece of land was back on the market! They bounded at the opportunity, and never looked back.



The Moon Valley product line started with just 4 bar soaps, our Rejuvenating Rub, Lip Balm, and of course the ever popular Lotion Bar. In 2000, Moon Valley Organics began selling in the Pike Place Market in the heart of Seattle. This development changed the success of the business as a whole and to this day, is one of our largest means of delivering organic body care to our beloved customers. Our medicinal salves weren’t introduced until 2005 with the help of Dr Daniel Newman, MD, ND, and DOM.


In 2009, after years of hard work and dedication, Moon Valley Organics became USDA certified organic, which was a top milestone for the business. In the same year, Moon Valley became active with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and continues to host aspiring organic farmers and further their farming dreams through education and hands-on organic farm experience.


When asked where they see Moon Valley in 5 years Kim would like to see more of our organic, healing body care products on store shelves. She also anticipates product development of a shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and facial line. Aaron would like to see the business continue to grow, with the integrity of the brand intact while inspiring future organic farmers.


Through hard work and dedication, and with the passion of their employees, Kim and Aaron Otto were able to take Moon Valley Organics from making lotion bar batches in a crock pot to making their organic, sustainable farming dream a reality.

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I found you in the Pikes Place market in 2009 and purchased a small can of Lip Treat which I have cherished. I came back to this site to see if I could get more and it appears that you no longer have this product in your line. Is it seasonal? I really want to get some more of it.

Mary Ann Sutter

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