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I’m delighted with the Psoriasis Soothe balm- it feels good and is nourishing for my hands. The challenge I have is getting the balm to squeeze out of the container effectively- it gets stuck/bunged up, and ends up seeping out of cracks in the container. Messy!


Hi there, I have been a honey addict for a long time now, but a vegan friend of mine said that she avoids all products involving cruelty to animals, and she says honey is one of them. I was surprised, I don’t see how collecting honey is cruel. What do you think ?


The moon valley products I have tried I have really enjoyed. Recently I bought some of your foam hand soap, it is awesome! My only problem is my family passionately believes in bulk and reusing containers. I beg you to offer your foaming hand soap in bulk at the bellingham community coop stores!


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