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Moon Valley Organics

Gift Card Moon Valley Organics

Gift Card Moon Valley Organics

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Purchasing multiple gift cards: To send multiple gift cards, leave the text fields blank, and add the quantity you wish to purchase to your cart. After paying at checkout, you will receive several emails: one is your order confirmation, and subsequent emails are the actual eGift cards themselves.  Follow the link in each email to send to your individual recipients.

* If you can't find the gift card in your inbox, make sure to check the spam and junk folders as well; gifts cards end up there sometimes.


Follow these simple steps for sending eGift cards:

1. Fill in the blank spots: From, To, and personal message.  (SKIP STEP IF ORDERING MULTIPLE)
2. Confirm your purchase: Once you finalize the purchase, you will receive multiple emails, 1 with your receipt and 1 additional email for each eGift Card purchased.
3. Send your new eGift card to your loved one: Open your new eGift card (You will find it in your email), click on "Send eGift Card" and add the details: Your name, recipient's email, date + time, and your email.
4. eGift card sent confirmation: You will get an email, once you confirm the delivery date and time.
5. You are set! Your eGift card is good to go!

If you still have questions please, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at

* Gift cards don't get shipped, therefore, they do not count towards free shipping. Please note, these are NOT physical cards, they show up as an eGift card with a code the recipient may use at checkout

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