What are the best Moon Valley Organics products for after sun care?

Sunburn Relief:

Rejuvenating Rub Medicinal Salve uses Organic Lavender and Mint Essential Oils to soothe and cool sunburns, while Organic Arnica stimulates pain relief and reduces swelling. Apply regularly and enjoy the relief.

Herbal Heal blends Organic Calendula, Organic Usnea and Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil to moisturize and soothe sunburns. Free of any fragrances or stinging ingredients, this medicinal salve is gentle on the most tender skin.   

After-Sun Care:

Moon Melt Lotion Bars use Organic Essential Oils, healing herbs, and organic beeswax to protect and rehydrate your after-sun kissed skin. Allow the bar to melt in your hands and apply lovingly to any area in need of moisturizing.


Are your products safe to use in the sun?

We recommend our Salves, Herbal Lotion Lotion Bars, and Beeswax Lip Balms as after sun care. 


What is crystalized honey and how do I make it smooth again?

We like to think of crystallization as a sign of high-quality honey! Crystallization is a common occurrence when the honey is raw and has not been filtered through charcoal (which would remove pollen and other natural goodies). 

Honey is a supersaturated solution that contains a great deal more sugar than water – over 70% sugar to often less than 20% water. Crystallization happens when the glucose in your honey spontaneously precipitates out of the supersaturated solution and loses water, transforming the glucose into glucose monohydrate (the tiny crystals/granules). Keeping your honey in temperatures below 50 degrees F will help prevent crystallization.

If you wish to de-crystalize your honey, I would recommend boiling water and then removing it from the source of heat, adding your jar and allowing it to cool to room temperature. This process may be repeated until the honey has returned to its original liquid state. You can also enjoy the honey while crystalized; crystalized honey makes an excellent spread on your favorite toast! 


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What is Vanilla Flavoring?

Moon Valley Organics Vanilla Flavoring is Organic Food Grade, made from components of organic essential oils that make the flavoring smell like vanilla. 


Are your products vegan? 

Some of our products are not vegan, as we are beekeepers and we use beeswax in many of our products. Our vegan products are: Foaming Herbal Hand Soaps, Foaming Herbal Hand Soap Concentrate Refill Pouches, Herbal Body Wash and Herbal Shampoo Bars.


Are your products gluten free?

Most of our products do not contain gluten. We use oats in 3 of our products. Our products that contain this ingredient are the Cocoa, and Sage Herbal Soap bars and EczaCalm. For those eczema sufferers who are gluten intolerant you can use the PsoriaSoothe or Herbal Lotion Bars as an alternative product to moisturize dry, itchy skin and any other varieties of our soaps.