March 30th, 2021
Herbal Lotion Bar Review
Herbal Lotion Bar

February 5th, 2021

Product Review

Moon Valley Organics Product Review


October 26

Product review

Product review


Spark Change: Brands Strengthen Organic Standard

Spark Change

"Brands exemplifying the organic trend go above and beyond for the movement by engaging in policy to improve upon its standards, expanding acreage or showcasing a deep understanding of the ecological journey to their organic efforts." - New Hope Network.



Listen to our Founder Kim Otto on "Good Smack for the Planet" Podcast.

Hey Social Good      Kim Otto and her bees

Hey Social Good launched, "Good Smack for the Planet" Podcast this Spring diving deep into the stories of passionate entrepreneurs driven to fill a gap in different industries while making positive change and impact for our health and planet. Each episode shares such incredible and unique journeys that you will have the podcast on repeat. Seriously.

With an impressive and inspiring fast growing guest list that ranges from marine biologist Chelsea Rochman, who is trying to curb the amounts of microplastics found in the water, to our beloved Kim Otto, herbalist, farmer, and entrepreneur, "Good Smack for the Planet" is a positive and refreshing new summer find that will make you jump off the couch and do something for yourself, and the planet.

In "The Renaissance Lady Farmer, Entrepreneur & Herbalist Out to Save Our Bees" episode, you can listen to Kim sharing her amazing story alongside husband Aaron Otto; when and where did things begin, what motivated them to create an organic skin care brand, how was the process of establishing Moon Valley Organics like, and what is the company's philosophy and current mission about. You can find "Good Smack for the Planet" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Google podcasts and more.