Wholesale Information

Hello! We would love to hear from you and learn more about your company. Use the forms below to register as a Moon Valley Organics wholesale customer and we will get back to you lickety-split. 
RESELLER APPLICATION: please download this PDF file and fax it back to 360-595-0505, or e-mail it to robin@moonvalleyorganics.com. If you have any questions, call Robin on her cell phone 360-599-0093. (Please note, that we do not allow the selling of our products on 3rd Party Platforms; our partners must sell within their own store locations or personally owned websites - RESELLER AGREEMENT.)
We will also need a copy of your state-issued Re-seller's Permit (AKA a Seller's Permit) on file to establish wholesale pricing. If your state does not issue one of these permits, please fill out the Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate and return it to us with your Vendor Information Form.
If you are interested in Net 30 billing please download and fill out our Credit Application on and fax it back to 360-595-0505.