WWOOF at Moon Valley Organics

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

  • What is WWOOF

    WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It all began in 1970’s England by a woman named Sue Coppard and was originally called “Working Weekends on Organic Farms”. Sue was a secretary from London who desired for those who did not have the means to access the countryside to be able to experience the farming lifestyle while supporting the growing organic movement. After her initial trial working on a biodynamic farm, more and more organic farmers & smallholders were eagerly hosting people with a yearning to be a part of organic farming in exchange for food and accommodation. These keen aspiring farmers are affectionately referred to as WWOOFers.

  • WWOOF Host Farm

    The WWOOF host farm provides accommodations and food in exchange for roughly 4-6 hours of labor which can include tasks such as harvesting produce & herbs, sowing seeds, composting, splitting wood, milking livestock, building fences, and wine, cheese or bread making. There are host locations all around the world in roughly 99 countries. WWOOF hosts can be anyone with a farm or land who operates with permaculture or biodynamic growing methods. Participating as a WWOOF host is not only rewarding in terms of labor, but can also provide a gratifying experience educating and teaching those interested in an organic farming lifestyle. Many WWOOFers are so encouraged by their experience with their host farms that they change their way of life to incorporate their own organic farms!

  • WWOOF at Moon Valley

    WWOOFing can vary drastically from host to host. The length of stay is determined by the host and WWOOFer and can range from a couple days to even a year! Here at Moon Valley, the length of stay is dependent on our need for extra hands as well as the WWOOFer’s schedule. We offer rustic accommodations in either a vintage VW bus, or camper. Previous WWOOfers have even opted to “tent it” for their stay! Supplies for fresh, sustainable and organic meals are provided which are prepared and enjoyed in our vast outdoor kitchen. Our WWOOFers get to experience a wide variety of every day organic farming tasks like harvesting calendula & watering fields to spending a day in the shop & production area packaging lotion bars and even some beekeeping! One of the best parts about being a WWOOFer is experiencing the local scenery and activities. The eclectic & charming town of Bellingham is only 30 minutes away from our farm and provides endless options for music, food and festivals. Our WWOOfers have a special place in our hearts and are instantaneously included into our family-like atmosphere.

  • Join Us!

    New experiences, travel opportunities and education in sustainable farming has made WWOOFing an incredible way to travel with a purpose and get a true taste of organic farming life. How else can you experience a new culture and environment while receiving food & board as well as organic & sustainability education from those who are living it? With the plethora of host locations around the world, there is something to strike everyone’s fancy! Below is a link to the official WWOOF website, enjoy!