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Moon Valley Organics

Heather Artic Eco Beanie

Heather Artic Eco Beanie

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If you love Moon Valley Organics what better way to show it than sporting one of these cozy and stylish beanies? Besides, they are made with recycled materials!

  • Made with recycled materials
  • Beanie: 60% Acrylic | 40% Recover Wool Blend Knit*
  • Patch: Suede
  • Made in the USA

Recover Wool Blend Knit with Recover Yarns®, is an upcycled, low-impact yarn alternative made in the USA. This new yarn is an upcycled blend of post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles, and Nylon 6.6, designed for maximum strength and softness. Yay for circular fashion!

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