Staff Bios

Introducing Denise!

Meet Denise! Our brilliant Bookkeeper & Office Manager
About Me:
I have lived in Whatcom County my entire life and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I enjoy walking, crafting and eating organic food. My absolute favorite thing in life is spending time with my daughter!
Favorite part of working at Moon Valley Organics:
There are too many great aspects about working at Moon Valley to have just one favorite part. The beautiful scenery, my incredible coworkers, the amazing products and the care we put into making them are just a few of my favorite things. Working on an organic farm for the first time has been an educational experience for me. The "farmacy" products created from nature and their healing powers are truly amazing!
Favorite Moon Valley Product:
It’s impossible to only have one favorite Moon Valley product! Herbal Heal is a must in my house with a toddler running around. I love that it’s safe to use on her and can even be used to remove a bandage pain free. I use it on everything from scrapes, burns and cuts to scars and sunburns. The organic beeswax helps soothe and the organic Calendula has antibacterial properties that are useful in treating cuts and helping to minimize scarring.
February 10, 2016 by Cassandra Cole

Introducing Keira!

Meet Keira! Our Shipping & Receiving Extraordinaire
About Me:
“I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.” ―Mary Oliver
I want to be a part and make a difference. I enjoy 80’s big hair bands, old cartoons, books, swimming in the river, working my land, animals, and I might be stuck in the 90’s.
Favorite part of working at Moon Valley Organics:
Contributing positively to the organic skin care options available for consumers. It is imperative that we recognize our social, environmental, and economic responsibility to ourselves and future generations. I like to know I am helping to make that change happen, one customer at a time! 
Favorite Moon Valley Product:
Herbal Heal, you can use it for ANYTHING! I’ve used this natural alternative to Neosporin on my animals, and humans, all with amazing affects! It cures scars, minor cuts and burns, and if my cat ends up licking most of it off, he will be just fine.
August 10, 2015 by Cassandra Cole

Introducing Fallon!

Meet Fallon! Our Farm Manager
I grew up in Connecticut in a small town called Terryville and ended up out west because of a nagging need to experience something new that I couldn’t ignore anymore (best choice I’ve made by the way). My life’s passion seems to generally revolve and evolve around understanding how and why things work (or don’t) so after learning more about the current food systems I felt the quickest, surest way I could deal with the issue was to start at the root (pun intended). Farming is a way to be directly involved with the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of this all important commodity. It conveniently also connects you with a large assortment of other people, the other important commodity. Outside of farming I love picking up new skills/learning new things whenever I can. I enjoy deconstructing my biases, experimental cooking, playing outside, and building things.
My favorite thing about Moon Valley is that Aaron and Kim are involved in every part of their company’s wellbeing. They value the input of all the employees when discussing new products or ways to make things more efficient. They make sure we each understand our importance as a part of the whole team. They also do a lot of things in house that other companies might outsource. I love, love, love their self-reliant, educatedly adventurous attitude and commitment to self-growth. I feel that their company values and practices are a close reflection of their personal ones. Working here is about working with people rather than for them.
All of the honey!
I also have to admit I initially thought their soaps wouldn’t be able to handle the level of dirts (yes there are different types) I accumulate during the day, but they actually work significantly better than just about any other soaps I’ve tried. Plus they still leave my skin super soft!
March 26, 2015 by Aaron Otto

Introducing Mely!

Meet Mely! Our Pike Place Market Body Care Specialist & Store Manager!
About Me:
I am a lover of everything good and right in this world! I am passionate about organic body care and natural healing with the use of ingredients that grow from the earth. Educating and raising awareness on the magic of plants, herbs, and natural oils are deeply fulfilling to me. Being out in Nature really sooths my soul! I love the summer time when I am able to explore the outdoors, camp, and kayak. In the Winter I enjoy snowboarding. I make jewelry under the name MoxyB with the intention of supporting people loving themselves, feeling a sense of courage, and self-confidence!
Favorite Part of Working at Moon Valley Organics:
Working with Moon Valley Organics, family owned sustainable farm, has been life changing for me. I have learned so much about the power of nature and the healing properties of herbs and essential oils. This ancient way of healing our bodies has a huge impact on the people I meet at our Pike’s Place Market booth. A rewarding part of my job is seeing people light up when they try our Arnica salves for the first time for natural pain relief. This herb is one of the most magical healing herbs and I enjoy educating people about it as a healthy alternative to pills. One thing that sets Moon Valley apart from other companies is our concern for the environment. We support fair trade, (RAN) Rainforest Action Network, Leaping Bunny, and are Gluten Free! Also, our packaging is recycled and we use veggie based ink for the beautiful bright colors of the boxes. You can feel good about using clean quality ingredients for your family and even compost the boxes in your garden!
Favorite Product:
I love them all! I enjoy the stress relieving Rejuvenating Rub for everything from tension relief in my neck, shoulders, and back, for general day to day aches, and even combating colds! The warming Muscle Rub is magic for soothing away tightness in my lower back and knees from standing all day. The Herbal Lip Balm is the best lip balm ever! Try it, I am sure you will agree! The Moon Melt Lotion Bar is another must have as well, I apply it nightly to seal moisture into my feet, it is fantastic for protecting my hands and cheeks from the winter cold and leaves my skin silky smooth. Visitor’s and locals come on down to visit us honey girls at our lovely store in downtown Seattle, we would love to see you and share our love for this product with you!

Introducing: Jasmine!

Meet Jasmine! Our Pike Place Market Body Care & Honey Specialist 
About Me
I am a flower, plant, herb and bee enthusiast. I make magical oil blends for your chakras and energy. When I am not working in the shop you can usually find me outside with the coolest gal pal, my dog Saffron. Or in my workspace working with crystals, tarot and tinctures. I also sing and play guitar in a surf rock band! Busy Bee!
Favorite Part of Working at Moon Valley Organics:
We are a small farm, family, and community with HUGE dreams of natural healing with honey, holistic ointments, and lotions. Organically sustainable and incredibly passionate about it! I cannot even express how proud and wonderful I feel to support, work, and help Kim and Aaron's dream along. When you use our products, not only can you feel how amazingly real and natural ingredients benefit your skin, but you can also feel how much each and every one of us at MV care and love our farm and what we do so much. It comes through in our products that we make by hand. In my heart this is one of the most rewarding feelings!
Favorite Product
It is so hard to choose just one because I use them all! I'll list my favorites - Our unscented liquid foaming soap I use as a gentle make up remover and facial cleanser which is super nice for sensitive acne prone skin. The Oatmeal Sage Cleansing Body Bar is moisture packed and reduces redness. I use it for shampoo, face wash, and body wash. It is my absolute favorite soap that makes showering feel like an escape to an enchanted forest! Herbal Heal is my facial moisturizer, it helps me maintain gorgeous skin, fight acne, bug bites, cuts, scrapes - you name it!  Peppermint foot rub, this stuff rules! All day on the go, my legs and feet are killing me by the end of it. Peppermint and arnica calm it all down instantly. During the summer if it's an extra hot day I love using it on the back of my neck, arms, and legs to cool down! Lastly our moon melt lotion bar, I consider this my Swiss army knife of skin care! It provides head to toe usage, I put it in my hair to combat frizz and fight split ends, I use it on my face and lips, best thing for a new tattoo, and amazing for my cuticles. And that's what's in my bag! I adore this stuff! Come visit me and the girls in the shop! Try them for yourself!

Introducing Cassie!

Meet Cassie! Our PR Gal & Social Media Manager
About me:
I love music, magick, cliff jumping, singing in the shower, thunderstorms and wild foraging. I am a PNW native. I believe being homegrown on the rain coast makes one’s soul a little gentler. I enjoy food! Cooking is my art; raw or otherwise. I have the most adorable sidekick Pomeranian named Rusty Ruckus…we get out adventuring any time we can. I’ve got a sincere wanderlust. In addition to my time at the farm I am also a licensed massage therapist and yoga enthusiast.
Favorite thing about working at Moon Valley Organics:
There are plenty of perks between all the farm fresh foods (we are growing the only organic melons on highway 9!) and the busy bees creating the most delicious honey a girl could dream up! Really though it comes down to the fact that Moon Valley nourishes my heart. We are a small company and everyone here has an important role! That fact makes us tightknit and accountable to each other. I think that makes an optimal work environment. Being a MVO employee provides an outlet to be a lifelong learner. Whether picking up a new bio-dynamic farming technique, a simple lesson about organic, sustainable living, or skills that make me more effective at representing our brand; I learn something new every day.
Favorite Moon Valley Product:
Our Bee Pollen is such a special treat! Due to bee pollen’s essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and enzymes I experience more energy and a strong immune system when taken regularly. Our bees collect pollen from many different floral sources, giving it its rich abundant colors. Combed from their legs, bees combine pollen with flower nectar and bee enzymes which create the main nutrient for our busy bees. We sustainably collect the excess, always leaving enough for the bees. Then we dehydrate and freeze it so that we can bring it to our community RAW and powerfully healing!
September 22, 2014 by Cassandra Cole

Introducing: Nate!

Meet Nate, our Production Manager!
Responsible for the entire process of making our luxurious hand-crafted products; from mixing the fresh ingredients together to packaging finished goods.
About me:
My greatest passions are my 3 and half year old little girl, my 3 month old little man, and a wife that is the most amazing mother and my best friend.  With my free time (scarce, very scarce) I am tending to our garden, playing with our 2 pups, or reading a Stephen King novel.
Favorite thing about working at Moon Valley:
Working each day to improve our products and processes.  Trying to find the optimal ways to extract the highest amount out of our medicinal herbs into our products while making the final product as pleasing to the senses as possible.  Not to mention getting to work in a rustic barn with a full production farm out one window and a waterfall on the mountain side out the front door.
Favorite Moon Valley product:
Herbal Heal.  I use it all the time on myself and my family and I think it’s amazing!  It is a complex product that protects and heals with a multitude of wonderful ingredients.
September 10, 2014 by Aaron Otto

Introducing: Kim and Aaron!

We are Kim & Aaron, also known as the founders of Moon Valley Organics!
About Kim:
I am the hardworking, logistics coordinator of Moon Valley who is often referred to as the glue of the company! I take care of all the things with legs (people, and animals) on the farm. We have two daughters, Ferrin, 18, and Lyric, 22 and in my free time I enjoy sailing with Aaron and camping.
Favorite thing about Moon Valley:
The stories of how our products are bringing relief, healing, and comfort to those with skin ailments continue to be my motivation.
About Aaron:
I am the farming manager, graphics guru, and was a large force in our recent re-branding process. While Kim handles everything on the farm with legs, I like to say I handle everything with roots! In my free time, I like to sail and backpack. I also have a strong love for anything organic.
Favorite thing about Moon Valley:
My favorite thing would be spreading my knowledge and passion for organic farming through education of those who have the same desire to farm!

August 05, 2014 by Aaron Otto